Volume 1 Issue 1 November 2012


                                                    TABLE OF CONTENT

                                  Volume 1 Issue 1 November 2012(PRINT)

1  A study of HR Training Initiatives (With special reference to JNIDBI) (Download) Meenakshi Anand 1-8

2 Carbon Credit Trading: Prospects and Challenges (An Indian Perspective) ( (Download) Shweta Gupta, Shachi Pareek 9-16

3  Employee Retention: A Study on Public and Private Sector Banks (Download) Poonam Madan, Rashmi Sharma 17-22


Employer Branding: A Strategic HR Tool for Improving Employer Attractiveness

Neha Sharma 23-30  
5  Ethical Governance in Capital Market  (Download) Monika Singh 31-37

6  Green Marketing: An Environment Friendly Concept (Download) Arvind Sharma, Seema Singh Rathore 38-44

7  Impact of Economic Liberalization on the Insurance Sector in India (Download) Akshita Jain, Rajesh Kothari 45-53

8  Impact of Television Advertising on Psychology and Health of Children (Download) Sachin Gupta 54-57

9 Inferential Statistics: An Alternative Approach to Examine Long Term Solvency (An empirical study of five pharmaceutical companies in India)(Download)
Shweta Kastiya 58-66  
10  Motivating and Engaging Generation Y Employees: The War for Talent (Download)
Preeti Sharma 67-72  
11 Popularity of Online Retailing Among the Youth of Jaipur (Download) Sulekha Ojha, Radha Kashyap, Sudhi Raizada 73-83  
12 Post-Merger Branding Strategies in Banks (Download) Mahima Rai 84-92  
13 Scenario of Women Entrepreneurs in Rajasthan State (Download) Sachin Gupta 93-96