Volume 3 Issue 1 November 2014


                                                    TABLE OF CONTENT

                                   Volume 3 Issue 1 November 2014 (PRINT)

1 Performance of Private Insurance Players in India (Download) Apurv Nirmal, Jitendra Rathore 1-10

2 Microfinance in India- A way forward (Download) Hardeep Kaur, Jasmindeep Kaur 11-22

3 Consumer Behavior towards Online Shopping In India -A Study With Refernce to Select Regions (Download) Ravi Kumar Goriparthi 23-41

4 The CEO and Management of Change (Download) S. Sadri, S. Jayashree 42-61

5 Application of Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Mechanism for Conflict Management in  HR of Manufacturing Sector (Download) Shivani Nischal 62-70

6 A Comparative Review of Books on Human Resource Management (Download) Vijeta Soni 71-75

7 Quality of Work Life: A Comparative Study Between Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks of Rajasthan Region (Download) Avni Sharma, Roopam Kothari 76-90

8 Social Inclusion through Rural Tourism in Rajasthan (Download) Ruchi Jain, Parul Singh 91-99

9 Changing Trends in Hospital Marketing: Delivering Luxury with Medicare (Download) Shilpie Chakravarty, Iti Gaur, Isha Sharma 100-105